Under the Spell of Byzantium.(pictureversion)

In the coming years he was constantly on the move. (Wanderjahre)
Following his own interests: arts, philosophy, medicine…

Staying for a longer time in Greece he focused the studies on Byzantine Painting.

An Icon-Painter – Friend in Athens – was a helpful companion in this time.

Dedicated to Ms. Aphroditi Pournarie

LINK – The Paros – Diary

‚Geza Anda‘-Hat – Pastel

Boots – Pastel

Boots – Aquarelle

Photomounting from details of an Icon of A.Pournarie

„The GALATAS-Family“ – Aquarelles

Mt. Athos – Acryl on canvas

Still – Aquarelle

Chair – Acryl on canvas

Vase – Aquarelle

Street – Acryl on canvas

Offer – Acryl on canvas

Incense-Burner – Aquarelle

Byzantinist – Acryl on canvas

Chair, plate with pear – carbon

Self portrait – Athos

Creek Landscape – Acryl on Canvas

Study for ‚Byzantinist‘ – Acryl on canvas

The Hydra-Icon (With archaic traits) – Acryl on canvas

The ‚Heniokhos‘ of Delphi as Icon – Acryl on canvas

Study for the ‚Heniokhos‘ of Delphi as an Icon – Oil-Crayon on paper

Ms. Anna Coraki – Acryl on canvas

Ms. Anna Coraki – Aquarelle

Landscape in Yellow – Acryl on Canvas

Mr.Rainer A. – Acryl on Canvas

Mr.Rainer A. – Aquarelle

Ms. Ahrens as Megaira – Crayon

Exhibition in U.

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