Eearly Works. The Formative Years – and Beyond…

„Now, I see the advantages in presenting my work as a process,a flowing entity I had dreamt of since years.
Having the opportunity to use the Internet. Having all I am interested in…In the center the opportunities to change my work whenever I feel the urge.“

(Following J.Dewey: ‚A genuine Idea is an Idea in motion.‘)

A sketchy biographical account. Till 2005.
Visual Highlights.
(All in private possession.)

„The following two pictures being my first ones probably. „


A Child’s drawing – aquarell (about 1950)

A Child’s drawing – pastell

Billboard-picture, for a theatreperformance, stencil, dated: 1.04.1957
(Guache on cheap paper.)

Early Pastel (For Massimo Z.)

Athos-landscape – Acryl on canvas

‚The Geza Anda‘-Hat – Pastel

Cut out

Colored Glasses

Portrait of the author’s mother – NIKON-Photo by himself

NIKON-Photo – Padova

felt tip-pen – Mr. Li Ming Chun

Two Acryls on canvas

Five Aquarelles

Two Sculptures – div. Media

Bronzino – Collage – mixed media


The famous ‚Konrad Adenauer-Cycle‘


Adenauer als Kommunikant

Adenauers Verlobungsbild

Adenauer im Stroh mit zwei Damen

Adenauer empfaengt Hindenburg

Adenauer mit der Wehrmachtsmuetze seines Sohnes

Adenauer und De Gaulle

Adenauer und die Moenche von Maria Lach

Adenauer im Greisenalter

Adenauers Rosenschere

Adenauer in seinem Garten

Adenauers Sterbezimmer


2.The following is an extended version of ‚The Formative Years‘.
Including some more juvenile Works.

A Child’s drawing

11.7.73 14 HP4 66 – Felt-Tip Pen

Drawing after Pieter Bruegel’s ‚Dulle Griet‘

A Child’s ‚Moon-Horse‘ – Earth

Parents – Acryl

Ahnenpass – Book

out of a six-part-Xerox-Piece (of ‚Ahnenpass‘): the artist culling flowers.

Jasmine Fragrance – Early Pastel

Faun – Earth



Mr. Carl Pflueger. Painter and Art-Teacher. – Photo by the author

A photo of a poster for a theatre-performance designed during his schooltime.


Booklet, b/w Photoes. Comission.

His beloved German Puppets – Pastels

PuppetShow – Pastel



Grafitti – Oil-Crayon

Two Hunters and Jesebel’s Fall – Crayon/Acryl

All what I am – Coolpix-Foto

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