About Drawing

Zur Entwicklung meines Umgangs mit der Zeichenkunst

A chronological account of my drawing-activities

I had always a certain talent to copy the drawings of the old masters.
Mostly the italian ones: Leonardo,… Raffael, Michelangelo…
People flattered me therefore. So, I did a lot of these fake works.

Early drawing after Pieter Bruegel’s ‚Dulle Griet‘

Early drawing – felt-tip-pen

The pear – gift of my landlady on Poros – on a chair. .

Adenauer’s Engagement-Photo

Drawing/Draft for the ‚Heniokhos‘
With the ‚Heniokhos‘ – painted on Hydra – I was mentally in the midst of my byzantine era.
Although the model for the painting was of the genuine Greek time.

Roy Lichtenstein – felt-tip-pen

The Komodo drawings were the decisive turningpoint of my art-worldview

One of the Frame-Drawings

moi meme

Drawing made on Gran Canary after a storm: a fallen palmtreebranch in front…

Nancy and Ron – kissing


Father and son

Two drawings for my newest Accryl-Paintings

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