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‚A genuine Idea is an Idea in motion.‘ (J.Dewey)

„Now, I see the advantages in presenting my work and my thinking as a Process, a flowing entity I had dreamt of since years.
Having now the opportunity to use the INTERNET.“

(Thanks to the generous and intelligent people who gave the technical assistance!)

A word to handle the elaborated, NET-like struktured organization of any Website.
One can follow the vestiges of all(!) my doings during ones lifelong-activities by looking under the category ‘chronicle’ and somewhere else.

„The GALLERY“ is in tight connection with the entries I make continously in my BLOG. The BLOG is more actual. Concerning what is going on during my daily activities. Observations of the world I live in. Mostly by photographs. – (LINK)

Both activities mirror each other in many aspects.
(They include not only a so-called „art-production“.)

Some Brochures and a Link to the whole Brochure-LIST.

The Author
(Photo M. Wilhelmi)