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The KOMODO of San Diego – 1980

The ‚Komodo – Project‘:

‚Sitting in Front of a Dragonlike Beast.
Doing what you ‚feel‘ you have to do.‘

After having spoken over Eric Satie, Joyce, Duchamp etc. (Titel of the lectures: ‘What’s Cooking on.’)


brought a special message from Ponapeinto the Campus high up of La Jolla.

Cage witnessed on Ponape a ‚Performance‘ ‚executed‘ by someone named ‚M.Abramovic‘.
(During a gathering of ‘artists’ on this Pacific island. Organized by ‘CrownPointPress’ in S.F. where C. just had made some fine prints.)
The ‚Performance‘ by A. gave Cage the impression that A. pretended to be a SNAKE.
Moving snakelike. Producing snakelike noises… (Cage wasn’t so clear in describing the case.)

Cage seemed deeply moved by what was presented by Abramovic on Ponape.

I got a kick.

Meaning: Cage’s words fell on an already prepared ground of my mental outfit in this time.
Been f.e. influenced by a book of Carl Sagan :”The Dragons of Eden”- recommended to me by Robin White of Crownpoint-Press – and the ‘Split-Brain-Theory’ by Robert Crick.

So I took the opportunity in San Diego visiting the Zoo – to encounter my ‚Snake’…

The famous ‘Komodo’ there, a Dragon-Like beast. A monster out of the earth’s past.

And I did what I had to do in the place. DRAWING the animal. Rather FEELING ‚it‘ drawing what the komodo brought over into my hands.
The whole as a subconcious process one is unaware of. Between the brain and the scribbling hand and the dragonlike animal.
A return working with my HANDS again! But in another way. (After periods of genuine PerformanceTimes.)

(A ‚Breaking-Through‘ – ‚methinks‘ – in a new area I am still exploring today… )


Hier setzte auch mein Interesse an den alten mittelamerikanischen Kulturen an. Auf den Spuren Kathan Browns: ‚Voyages to the Cities of the Dawn‘-(CrownPointPress).
Das mexikanische ‚Ring/Wheel-Piece‘. Ein etwas zu ‚gigantisch‘ geplantes Performancestueck.

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