About Collage

Different types of my New-Media Collages.

When I decided to enter the INTERNET, my main interests immediately were pictural.
It didn’t take a long time and I found it really magic assembling… pictures into new units. Unveiling hitherto unknown conections.

I think today that even the term The term ‚Collage‘ for this sort of intermingling pictures is not adequate.

In the Sign of the Winged Griffon
One of my first Collage using the digital medium.

Tryptych for Everyday
Still a mere succession of images,

State of the Species

A New Esthetics for the Victims

Magna Dea

Encounter of Bacchus and Ariadne


Opium War

Three Pin-Up-Girls

Bertin au salon de la Comptesse d’Haussonville (1846)

Guo Xi goes Bathing

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